Painting the When did you last time laugh yourself silly?
Painting the piece "When did you last time laugh yourself silly?" (Photo by K. Korpijaakko)


I'm artist and art teacher living and working in Helsinki. For me, making art is a way to think. It's a way of questioning, exploring and understanding the surrounding reality. Being an artist allows me to do that together with other explorers in a context which is maybe a bit more open for tricky, silly or even absurd questions.

One of my favourite environment for making art is the public space. I'm interested in the unwritten laws of urban space and how it reflects the structure of our society. Making art makes the hidden structures more visible and allows one to ask questions which otherwise might be forbidden or forgotten. Working in public space seems relevant to me also because it forces me as an artist - as well as my artworks - into a straight communication with the audience.

In addition to working alone I'm also a member of the street art collective Multicoloured Dreams.


May 2017


Elissa Eriksson participates 6.-28.5.2017 in the exhibition Kuvan Kevät, the MFA Degree Show of the Academy of Fine Arts of Uniarts Helsinki.

Her work The Money Kiosk is located at the north end of the Tennispalatsi building (Eteläinen rautatiekatu 8, Helsinki). It is open Tuesday-Sunday 11am-6pm.

Welcome to the opening on May 5th at 4pm-8pm!

February 2017


Elissa Eriksson invites the people in St Michels area to make together hundreds of ice lanterns for her project Homelights.

Jan 20th-24th 2017 she runs an ice lantern workshop at the market square making lanterns together with locals and building an installation of more than 1000 ice lanterns. In addition to the workshop on market square she encourages the inhabitants to make ice lanterns also in their own neighbourhoods. The project is commissioned by The Finnish State Art Commission.

More information also on Homelights Facebook page (in Finnish) and with hashtags #homelights or #kotivalot (the name in Finnish).


January 2017


Happy New Year! And welcome to the opening of my exhibition on Tuesday Jan 3 at 6pm!

Money Talks
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu
Uudenmaankatu 35, Helsinki


September 2016


This week we were busy painting some walls in the city of Pori with our street art collective Multicoloured Dreams.


August 2016


Greetings from Austria! In the city of Graz I had the honour to take part in the marvellous, international urban art project called Micro Galleries.

photo_street_art "FEEL LIFE", shopping receipts from Helsinki and Graz

January 2016


Elissa Eriksson and three other MA students from the Fine Arts Academy are presenting their works in the Project Room gallery in January.

Welcome to the opening on Thursday 7th of January at 6pm!

Cents and Soil by Elissa Eriksson, Lilli Haapala, Okku Nuutilainen and Eeva-Maija Pulkkinen
Project Room
Lönnrotinkatu 35, Helsinki


October 2014


The invitation cards are finally here! Welcome to the opening on Tuesday 21 October at 6pm!

Creative Shopping
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu
Uudenmaankatu 35, Helsinki

Screenshot from the video Creative Shopping

September 2014


My crowdfunding campaign in Mesenaatti.me ended yesterday. Thank you everyone, 2480 euros is a great result!

July 2014


The crowdfunding campaign to fund my upcoming exhibition Creative Shopping is now launched. Check the campaign video!

Screenshot from the video Creative Shopping

June 2014

Our street art collective Multicoloured Dreams made a painting called Kaupunkihyrrä to show the location of the future Central Library of Helsinki. More photos in Facebook.

Making of Kaupunkihyrra

August 2013

Our street art collective Multicoloured Dreams was invited to paint in the street art festival Sõnum Seinal ("Message on the Wall") in Pärnu on 10.-14.8. More pictures can be seen on our Facebook page and on Sõnum Seinal's Facebook page.

Multicoloured Dreams painting in Pärnu

July 2013

Jari Tamminen's book Häiriköt about culture jamming is out now.
Among other culture jamming projects the book introduces also my "Haluan nähdä muutakin" project to the Finnish audiences.

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